Customs Brokerage Services

The beginning of „Jumisa“ activities is customs brokerage services. The experience of the company professionals in this field is the biggest one. It is important, because carriage works start and end with these procedures.

We represent various interests of the customer at the customs. We prepare „Intrastat“ reports to the companies, which cooperate with the countries of the EU. Charging this work to us, you will save time and avoid additional investments into special software, employees training and other troubles, related to customs brokerage and reports preparation procedures.

We advise and represent the interests of the customer during execution of the following customs procedures:

  • Import documents arrangement;
  • Export documents arrangement;
  • Transit, re-export and re-import documents arrangement and presenting to the customs
  • Temporary importation and exportation;
  • Re-execution at the customs terminal and customs warehouses;
  • Import and export procedures for the other EC countries –members companies in Lithuania;
  • Shipments insurance services;
  • Bank, customs duty and other customer’s taxes payment.

Depending on the requirements of the customer, „ Jumisa“ also renders storage services:

  • shipments security;
  • grouping;
  • sorting;
  • overloading;
  • packing and marking operations.