Shipments Carriage by Land Transport

Attractive price, low expenses, strict time schedule follow-up and large mobility enables to easily plan shipments flows movement by land and assure a continuous and fast delivery to any part of the world.

The expedition of land shipments in the company was started in 2000. In 2002 an own trucks park was established and it has been permanently expanded and renewed, it enabled an even more flexible and expeditious delivery of shipments in Lithuania, European Union and CIS countries. Our trucks permanently go from and to:

  • Latvia ,
  • Estonia ,
  • Poland ,
  • Holland ,
  • Germany ,
  • Belgium .

With the assistance of partners, we carry shipments all over Europe and CIS countries.

We offer the following carriage services by land transport:

  • Partial and small shipments carriage from and to all the European countries and CIS countries;
  • Carriage of the shipments, which require specific carriage conditions;
  • Shipments carriage from “door to door“;
  • Shipments expedition;
  • Shipments insurance;
  • System of shipments distribution in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;
  • Shipment movement tracking system.