Shipments Insurance

However, carrying shipments there is always a chance that a shipment could be damaged or even stolen due to various reasons. In general case the carrier is responsible for the shipment and in case of shipment damage or stealing, the owner of the shipment is entitled to make a claim to the carrier of the shipment. However, all international carriages are regulated by international conventions, which provide the limits of responsibility of the carrier.

  • Carriages by air transport are regulated by the Warsaw convention of 1929. The carrier’s responsibility in air transport is limited to 16,67 SDR1) for every gross kilogramme.
  • Carriages by land transport are regulated by “International shipments carriage by roads contract convention (CMR)“, signed in Geneva in 1956. The carrier’s responsibility is limited to 8,33 SDR1) for a gross kilogramme.
  • The responsibility of the sea shipment carrier is provided in Hague – Wisby regulations of 1968 and it is limited by 2 SDR1) for a gross kilogramme or 666,67 SDR1) for the container.

Please take into consideration that the carrier is responsible only for the loss, which occurred due to his fault. In such a way, the loss related to improper package, incorrect information presentation and etc. will not be indemnified.

If you want to be sure that all the loss, related to shipment damage or miscarriage, was indemnified to you, when the value of the shipment is higher than the limits of the responsibility of the carrier or loss did not occur due to the fault of the carrier, we recommend you to insure a shipment from all the risks. Simply mark it in the notes of the shipment order .

1) SDR is a conventional settlement unit. (Special Drawing Rights) (1 SDR – approximately 1,16EUR). SDR rate can be found at the internet website of Lithuanian Bank.